#10 We engineer the outcome

Engineering an outcome is the primary job of a cinema designer. All engineering is math based, which means once we have demonstrated what is possible to a client and the client instructs us as to the outcome they desire, delivering that outcome is a mathematical/engineering problem. Very few people in our industry appreciate the complexity of this, but also how predictable the end result can be. This is what Wavetrain means by engineering the outcome.

It’s not a matter of experiencing reference level performance at our showroom, and then what you get is something different. What you experience at our showroom is what you’ll get in terms of quality. No matter what the size is or the volume of the room, no matter how we’re doing it, we always end up with results that are very close to one another. Our outcomes are measurable and accountable to you.

It’s hard to understand how good a cinema can really be until you experience it. That’s why we offer no-obligation appointments to come in and see us. Even if you don’t use us moving forward, at least you’ll have a reference point for what a premium system sounds, looks and feels like. Find out what makes us the most awarded cinema design company in Australia.

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