#9 We calibrate every system for perfect sound and video

Calibration is part of the design. The best pair of speakers or projector will only get you so far. It’s important to understand that there are degrees of calibration and without proper calibration the system will be limited. A lot of companies simply do not calibrate the video at all and others don’t calibrate to the extent they should. When a company calibrates something, they need to know everything about the design. Decisions made in the design of the project affect the calibration. If this is not understood, then they are working against the design of the room and often end up with compromised results.

If the cinema designer is not a calibrator they’re not qualified to be engineering projects for audio and video, because they do not understand the implications of their design choices.

There is no such thing as a perfect cinema, all cinemas require compromise and it’s the engineering and design skills of the cinema designer which allow them to make the best compromises. There are many variables in any cinema – allowing for doors, ventilation systems, ceiling heights etc – and all these need to be accounted for.

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