#7 We don’t allow any compromise to your experience

Imagine walking into your new home theatre. The design is sleek, the chairs are comfortable and you settle in. Then you get complaints the sound is leaking out; your air conditioner is rattling and a slight draft is hitting your face. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, is this what you are happy to settle for?

When we noticed a slight rattling in one of our client’s rooms due the metallic attenuator in the air conditioner, we manufactured our own from a different material because the suppliers weren’t able to. When we couldn’t find a 100% noise isolating door, we built our own which we now install in all of our cinemas. These aren’t available to anyone else and because we make our own, we are able to customize their design to fit perfectly with your design. We don’t settle, so why should you.

This is post #7 in our series 10 reasons you need Wavetrain Cinemas for your luxury home theatre. If you haven’t been following you can click the links below for the previous parts:
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