arcadia cinema & bar

We recently completed Arcadia – a sleek, modern retreat and entertaining space. Our client wanted a fully engineered, sound isolated cinema room and bar, complete with digital ProAudio 16 channel Atmos system, using a Trinnov Altitude16, with a Sony projector and Lumagen video processor. The Lumagen is responsible for switching between Anamophic Widescreen, 16:9 & NLS. The cinema interior features Bourne cinema seating by Jaymar with D-Box motion systems, a slatted timber ceiling, a warm dark neutral palette, textured curtains and carpet by Victoria Carpets. The bar features a gaming area, stone benchtops by Caesarstone, timber veneer by Elton Group, lighting by Beacon Lighting and a Wavetrain Cinemas rebated ‘Cinema’ door. If you love this design and want advice on your next project contact us.

A dark palette is best for picture quality in a cinema.

Jaymar home cinema seating with D-Box motion systems and Carpet by Victoria Carpets

Rebated ‘Cinema’ Door

Elton Group timber veneer, benchtop by Caesarstone, wall and pendant lights by Beacon Lighting

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