Home Theatre Installation

Winner 2019 Sony Awards

4K Home Cinema Projector Master Installation

Winner 2019 CEDIA Awards:

Best Media Room Level II

Winner 2018 Sound & Image Magazine:

Cinema Design Gold Award

Cinema with 'Art Wall'

Cinema Overview

A perfect addition to any home, this cinema being integrated into a space that has the appearance of a typical living room but is engineered to be a fully functioning cinema/media room. The amazing floor to ceiling and wall to wall screen is breathtaking in size, shown being utilised as an artwork when not being used as a screen. By introducing soft textiles and different textures, this cinema space becomes the pinnacle of comfort.

Project Details

This project introduces the perfect addition to any home—a seamlessly integrated cinema within a space that outwardly resembles a typical living room. However, beneath its unassuming exterior, this room has been meticulously engineered to serve as a fully functioning cinema and media room, offering a remarkable entertainment experience for the homeowners.

Project Features

  • ProAudio Speaker System
  • Marantz
  • Lumagen
  • Epson EB-G7905UNL Installation Projector
  • Severtson Screen 275” wide 2.9:1
  • MSR Diffusers

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