Almost anyone can have a home theatre room. Not only does it make for a great movie viewing experience, it can add to the market value of your home and will make your home the place to be for family and friends.

Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives and is an integral part of our entertainment as well. It is why homes have grown to include a media room, a general space that incorporates a TV, a music system, and often a gaming station or corner.

But today, with the range of streaming services available, ‘kicking back and Netflixing’ is a legitimate form of relaxation. This is why theatre rooms are now in demand in homes. A home theatre room creates the perfect ambience and experience for a movie buff – from a good quality projector screen, surround sound systems and movie theatre styled seating. A home theatre room is meant for buffs who appreciate the experience of movie watching in the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of a home theatre

There are several benefits to a home theatre room, besides the fact that you get a movie-theatre experience that is personalised.

Increase the value of your home: The addition of a home theatre room can add to the market value of your home if you ever plan to sell it. Considered a luxury addition to a home, not only does it make good use of any additional room that you have but gives you an extra bargaining chip at the negotiating table.

Easy to conceive and implement: The good thing about a theatre room is that it can installed in just about any room. Basements are a great place to consider if you have one, but it can also be an extra bedroom that you may have or a rumpus room that is no longer in use. With theatre layouts being flexible, you can then create a space that fits in perfectly in your home and for your needs. It is best to ensure that the room is rectangular in shape, as this works best for acoustics and good viewing.

Become the place to be: Movie nights, date nights, game nights with the crew and other forms of get-togethers that involve a screen take on a whole new dimension with a theatre room. You have complete control over the remote, have no deadlines to adhere to and can fix the lighting and sounds to your comfort level.

What does a home theatre room need?

If you do want to bring the theatre experience to your home, there are a few basics to get started thinking about.

Comfortable seating: A great movie experience is based largely on how comfortable you are. Theatre- style seating is what you will want for optimum comfort and flexibility. Loungers, bar stools at the back, recliners, beanbags for the kids or single sofa seats could be some options to consider. There are also a range of seat accessories that could be included – from USBs for charging, to storage space, to remote controls for seat reclining and more.

The right screen size: Every room is different, so a different size and type of screen will be needed to have the best possible outcome. When choosing the right screen, you will need ensure that it is visible from all seats in the room. It should also be proportionate to the size of the room to make for a good viewing experience.

Sound and light systems: Your room will have to be acoustically treated so that your sound experience is not affected. This will mean getting professional help to decide on speaker sizes, the effects of your furniture and furnishing on the sound emitted, the comfortable placement of all the controls etc. Your lighting systems will also need to be created in tune with the shape of the room, the screen and other such dynamics.

These are the benefits and considerations when planning a home theatre room. If you are in a brand new home, you can work on this during the construction phase, making it easier to incorporate. In an existing home, taking into consideration the size, the number of people you want to accommodate, the sound and lighting you want to bring in – all these will play a determining role in the layout and structure of your theatre room.

If you are considering a home theatre room, make an appointment with Wavetrain and have all your queries answered. If you’re overwhelmed with the choices and technical aspects, we make it easy to install the optimal home theatre systems that meet your needs perfectly.