Picture those allegedly 4D rides you’ve been on in amusement parks, where the seats throw you around like a mechanical bull. Now forget them entirely, because they are nothing like the incredible, immersive D-Box motion chairs you can have installed in your home cinema, according to local expert installer David Moseley.

“As soon as you talk about ‘motion’, people go to theme parks in their mind, but that’s the complete opposite of a D-Box chair, which uses a small amount of movement, with a maximum of 35 millimetres from top to bottom,” says Moseley, the director of Wavetrain Cinemas.

If you haven’t heard of “motion-coded” seats, that’s because Australian cinema chains are yet to invest. Overseas, and in the most high-end home theatre rooms in this country, they are common. And they are amazing, adding surround feeling to your surround sound – bobbing slightly in a pirate movie, or pitching you left and right during a Star Wars dogfight.

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