Screen Research

Screen Research

Hand-crafted and European-built screen solutions engineered to meet even the most challenging design and installation requirements. Offering a large choice of customized products to create the perfect individual home cinema experience, every time.

Fixed Frame Screens

The fixed frame home theatre screens with masking offer a wide range of motorized image masking options allowing the perceived image contrast ratio to be maintained no matter what source material is used. Whether it’s a TV broadcast in 16:9 or a movie in 2.35:1, the screen’s native ratio can be adjusted to maintain a constant black border around the projected image at all times

Acoustically Transparent Masking Screens

Acoustically transparent masks preserve the audio integrity of the performance when using Screen Research’s patented ClearPix2 screen fabric. Screen Research’s fixed frame screens with masking offer a wide range of motorized image masking options allowing the perceived image contrast ratio to be maintained no matter what source material is used.



These screens offer basic 2-way masking options in both 1.78:1 and 2.40:1 native ratios and are an excellent masking option where variable masking is not required.

Featuring the E-Grip fabric constant attachment system with auto-tensioning StopLight black backing attachment system


Under the flagship Reference X-Mask range, Screen Research has developed a new generation of innovative and technically efficient fixed frame screens with 4-way and 2-way adjustable motorized masking systems, offering a variety of amazing features for the absolute highest possible performance. With the choice of these flat and curved top-of-the-line screens, Screen Research provides products of unique value for the most demanding customers aiming for uncompromised quality and great style.

Reference X-Mask
Supreme In-Ceiling Slot With Masking


Screen Research’s Supreme in-ceiling motorized screens with masking offer a wide range of masking options allowing virtually any popular video projection format to be catered for. All ClearPix2 screens are specified with THX certified acoustically transparent masks as standard to preserve the integrity of the system’s audio performance.


Extensive research has resulted in the creation of a screen equipped with a special aluminium frame, angular on the internal side which minimizes one of the most annoying effects on vision, which is caused by light reflecting off the frame of the screen.

This solution is designed to direct the reflection towards the outer edges of the screen instead of the projection surface or the audience.

The profiles are coated in a velvety flock finish, which totally absorbs light and enhances the perception of contrast in the projected images. Tensioning is provided by elastic cables which guarantee the perfect planarity of the surface, preventing any risk of undulation.

On Wall Fixed Frame


I must say that I am extremely happy with the end result of this project, from the initial consultation, to the design, build, installation and calibration, Wavetrain CInemas delivered to my very high standards. The design, audio and visual result is spectacular!

Glen. L

David went out of his way to design a room that looked and performed beyond my expectations while also being affordable. He has great skills and dedication and is passionate about what he does. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others looking for an exceptional experience.


David is probably the no.1 and most respected (and knowledgable) cinema designer in the country. His list of projects is extensive and his knowledge on home cinema design is deep and far reaching.


Wavetrain are a highly professional team, who are passionate, easy to work with and delivered a result that exceeded our expectations. The picture and sound quality is extraordinary. We cannot recommend Wavetrain Cinemas highly enough.

K. Burke

Wavetrain’s fusion of creative design, engineering excellence and client communication is a rarity in an industry full  of complexity, and was in large part responsible for my project winning best cinema at the 2015 Sound & Image awards. And the best part of all: the ‘instant awe’ every time my friends come over for movie night!

Matthew Ruber

Wavetrain waved its magic wand and transformed the worst room in my home to the best. It was a very challenging space and my (high) expectations were far exceeded. I enjoyed working with David and couldn’t be happier with the result.


We utilised the services of Wavetrain to design, engineer, construct and calibrate our home cinema. As avid fans of the cinema experience watching between 2-4 movies each week, we have been thrilled with the result, our guests are constantly amazed at the experience.

B. Kertesz

David, thank you for such an amazing cinema! We are so happy with it. Your professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to perfection have given us a cinema that has well and truly exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

A. Daniel