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Maunakea is a combination of M1 TV by C SEED and Island Prestige by L-Acoustics Creations that offers a listening and viewing experience at the pinnacle of luxury and versatility.​​​​​​

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Maunakea taps into a contemporary and vital desire to transform the living space into a more human-centered, multi-purpose entertainment, and social environment. When a screen is required, it appears, as if by magic! The viewer is fully enveloped in physical comfort and stunning realism when watching a film or a favorite series. When end credits roll and guests wish to take in the view of a beautiful sunset, Island gently rotates to face any direction for a change of experience and scenery. It’s unique, natural, elegant, and effortless, the very definition of a luxury lifestyle.

spectacular cinema and livestreaming home

A foldable 4K screen in a machined metal frame – and the most breathtaking TV experience ever. At the push of a button, the floor opens and within seconds, a sleek column of machined aluminum rises silently from the ground, unfolding a 165 inch screen of impressive size and settles down smoothly to provide you with an overwhelming entertainment experience. M1 TV swivels into the perfect angle for optimal viewing (180° left/right).

The C SEED M1 uses cutting-edge MicroLED technology to achieve superior contrast, brightness and an unparalleled color spectrum and the video processing creates true-life images with a color processing depth of 16 bit per color and advanced HDR and HDR10+ processing.

Island Prestige – Unprecedented Pro Audio Inside

Island Prestige is a self-contained personal auditorium offering an unprecedented sonic environment that very comfortably places its occupants at the epicenter of the concert, film, or gaming action via 13 professional audio frontal speakers, five rear speakers, and two substantial subwoofers. Optional overhead speakers provide for an even more immersive experience.

With a media processor, Island’s state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrates to play audio from any format, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, gaming platforms, Dolby Atmos, and hi-res streaming services.

Latest 4K MicroLED technology

The latest 4K MicroLED technology creates amazingly vibrant colors and a truly stunning resolution. The all-important black is deep and accurate like never before because of a special screen surface treatment. Beside having HDR Plus (High Dynamic Range) on board, the Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology (AGC) renders borders between the screen’s wings completely invisible.

Coluor Range

Island offers a variety of standard wood finishes and fabric color options:
Natural Light EditionNatural Dark EditionNight Dark EditionNight Light Edition

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