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At the push of a button, the floor opens and within seconds, a sleek column of machined aluminum rises silently from the ground, unfolding a 165, 137 or 103 inch screen of impressive size and settles down smoothly to provide you with an overwhelming entertainment experience. Understatement is the art of impressing without visible effort. The C SEED M1 is the essence of elegance.

Creating the M1, C SEED relied on one guiding principle: When making choices, simply pick the uncompromising best in design, engineering, technology and precision. That way, we wound up with the one and only foldable 4K screen in a machined metal frame – and the most breathtaking TV experience ever.

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The C SEED M1 uses cutting-edge MicroLED technology to achieve superior contrast, brightness and an unparalleled color spectrum and video processing creates true-life images with a color processing depth of 16 bit per color and advanced HDR and HDR10+ processing for a superior viewing experience.


M1 Total Black employs a special surface treatment to achieve stunning contrast and perfect detail while preventing glare and brings colors to life like never before with approximately twice the color purity of conventional LEDs.
MicroLEDs are made of long-lasting materials, giving the M1 screen a potential lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.


Folding screen pioneer C SEED leads the way with the patented game-changing Adaptive Gap Calibration system: AGC is an automatic distance measuring and calibration system that creates totally seamless foldable 4K/8K TV surfaces, free from any visible gaps. High-resolution sensors detect potential offsets between the folding TV wings, measuring fractions of millimeters and autonomously calibrating the corresponding LEDs´ specific brightness to render gaps invisible. C SEED´s AGC technology guarantees the perfectly seamless indoor TV experience.


The C SEED M1 is available in these elegant colors:
C SEED SilverC SEED GoldC SEED BlackC SEED Titanium
Every C SEED M1 comes with onboard 2.1 high-end audio for total quality sound to match the screen´s unparalleled visual quality, with the soundbar organically integrated into the frame design.

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