Home Theatre Installation

Winner 2019 CEDIA Awards:

Best Home Cinema Level I

Home Cinema Room

Cinema Overview

Designed to be treated as a main living space this room is the perfect example of how a cinema can be integrated into an already existing space. Acoustic fabric panels cover the walls, allowing the room to have a clean polished look. Ornate lighting fixtures enhances the opulence of the space. With lush textiles and the use of warm timber work elevates the comfort and elegance of this space. Through careful design this space is able to be aesthetically pleasing whilst also operating as a carefully engineered cinema room..

Project Details

Exemplifying the seamless integration of a cinema into an established living area, this room serves as a prime illustration of harmonizing functionality with aesthetics. Adorned with acoustic fabric panels, the walls exude a refined and uncluttered appearance, while elaborate lighting fixtures add a touch of luxury to the ambiance. The infusion of sumptuous textiles and the incorporation of rich timber elements not only amplify comfort but also imbue the space with an air of sophistication. Meticulous design ensures that this room not only delights the eye but also operates as a meticulously crafted cinema, achieving a rare synergy of visual allure and cinematic engineering

Project Features

  • Meridian
  • ProAudio
  • Trinnov
  • Lumagen Processor
  • JVC Projector
  • Severtson Screen 141” 2.35:1
  • MSR Diffusers

Project Gallery