Make your home theatre a much more exciting (and relaxing) space to spend time in with these accessories. Your movie-matching experience will never be the same.

If you are in the planning stages of setting up your home theatre, this is the point where you need to consider the accessories that you’d like to include. Of course, great quality seating is a given, but it doesn’t have to end there. There are so many accessories you can consider adding to your seating to make movie-watching in your home a luxury experience. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Motorise your seat

One of the first options to consider is the various motorisations that are possible with your seating. You can recline your seat, adjusting it to that perfect comfortable angle you want. You can also adapt the seat to provide more lumbar support and move the headrest to your head height. Other motorisation options include getting a massager built into your chair and adding in a seat warmer as well as the ability to swivel and rock your chair.

Should you prefer to have tray tables that retract at the touch of a button, those can be motorised as well.

Add in seat arms to your home theatre sofa

There may be times when you have a mixed group of friends and family, and all of them want to have their own personal space on your home theatre sofa. That is where retractable arms come in handy. These can be pulled down when you want to segregate seats, or fit in seamlessly into the back of the sofa when raised to allow more people to sit together.

Include cup holders

What’s a good movie without some drinks? Whether its fizzy, a can of beer, a flute of wine or just a glass of OJ, the last thing you want to do is drop it all on your seating. Consider including cup holders. There are so many versions of this that you can have – those that are concealed in arm rests, those that can be pulled out from the front, holders that have the rim illuminated as well as those that have an in-built cooling system to keep those drinks cold. There are also a variety of finishes that these are available in to match the sofa of your choice. You can choose from stainless steel, brass and powder-coated and wood finishes.

Tray tables

Along with cup holders, you will also want to bring in a multi-purpose tray to your seating. This can be for snacks or even to create a small workstation of your own. There are several variations that you can have of these – motorised arms or fold away in a variety of locations.

Tech savvy touch screens

The beauty of technology today is the fact that everything can be managed with the touch of a button. Incorporate some tech into your sofas with touchscreen controls – for your sofa, for the movie being played, speaker systems, lighting and more. These touchscreens can be fitted into recesses of the sofa or can be placed on mounts.

Include some storage

There are several creative storage options. You choose to have storage below each seat, or perhaps a hinged opening between seats to slide in some belongings (or grown-up snacks so the kids don’t see). You could also opt to have sliding drawers built into the base of the chairs. Each of these options make for convenient storage space for magazines, storage for snuggle blankets, or your cell during the movie.

Choose a luxury life with opulent seating

A home theatre is a luxury and you want to personalise it to make it extra special, and extra ‘you’. Dress up your seating by adding touches such as studded arm detailing for an elegant retro feel. You could also consider embroidered logos, cloth piping in contrasting colours to your sofa, the addition of a fringe at the base, or even custom feet. Explore the range of choices and pick one that best suits your personality.

There are also a range of miscellaneous accessories you can consider adding in such as small reading lights, USB charging ports for phones, plug points for computer charging and aisle lighting. Invest in some quality pillows and throws too, for an absolutely cosy experience.

If you are in the market for home theatre seating, then Wavetrain have all the high-quality options you can imagine, and some you’ve probably never thought about.