Winner 2016 Sound & Image Magazine:

Best Home Cinema Installation

Cinema with Bar

Wavetrain was introduced to the Matrix client by an AV company, to design a cinema based around either the cult classic sc-fi ‘Cube’ or ‘The Matrix’ movie. The issue was that the room was too large to meet the allocated budget and achieve our goal for a reference cinema. On enquiry, the client only required 8 seats, so it was decided to shrink the cinema and create an equipment/entertaining area, which also would act as an ‘air-lock’ stopping noise from entering the rest of the home.

As the home was designed by an award-winning architectural practice, we wanted the movie themes to be almost secondary to the architecture. So, if you are familiar with either movie it’s clear what each theme is, but the lines and detail match the quality of the architecture.

For the bar, we came up with a circuit board design with RGB LED lighting that changes colour every 5 min to reflect the movie ‘Cube.’ The bar was made entirely of mirrored charcoal glass, with inlaid stainless steel. Each piece of glass needed to be cut to fit and then polished. The result is the entire room reflects the colour changes in light, which transitions in such a way that people often are surprised when they realise the room is a different colour.

For the cinema we created the digital rain from scratch, which allowed us to then manipulate it into the room design. For instance, the pattern fades out on the ceiling and as it moves forward in the room. For the screen blind, we took a photo of the client’s family and recreated the Matrix scene of the characters as line code in the matrix. Most people would not realise until they look closely.

The cinema engineering, including sound isolation, A/C design and internal room acoustics was some of the most detailed we have ever done, but also one of the most rewarding.

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