Wavetrain Cinemas specializes in custom home cinema installations, offering premium solutions for an unparalleled audio-visual experience. As experts in the field, they integrate Lumagen’s advanced video processing solutions to optimize color accuracy, contrast, and clarity. Lumagen’s technology enhances the overall visual quality, ensuring a tailor-made and immersive home cinema experience curated by Wavetrain Cinemas, making them the go-to choice for custom home entertainment solutions.

Home Cinema Widescreen - Wavetrain


The Lumagen 4*** series “still” provides exceptional results…….IMO better than any other current Video Processor option (and I have used/owned all options) ……only bested by Lumagen’s own 5348.

Woofer, AV Forums

What you get from the 5348 is a more aesthetically pleasing interpretation of the HDR picture – if you have a projector
of any merit, you should really aim to partner it with the 5348. HCC verdict: Best in class 

Jon Thompson, Home Cinema Choice

The feature-set, level of picture control, and overall performance put this video processor in a class of its own.

Dylan Seeger

RadiancePro Series UltraHD Video Processor

SD - UltraHD in and out
Randiance Pro

Supporting up to ten 4K60 UltraHD inputs and four processed 4K60 UltraHD outputs, Lumagen offers complete 2D or 3D source processing. Featuring DARBEE DVP enhancement technology for HD/SD, fully programmable scaling, and aspect ratio, it also includes a 4913-point 3D LUT CMS. With Rec2020 colorspace, HDR support, per-pixel motion adaptive deinterlacing, onscreen setup, and control via remote, Lumagen ensures top-tier video processing. The compact design, measuring 17″W x 10″D x 2″H (1.75″H without feet), comes with RS232 and USB ports for easy upgrading and control, along with optional rack ears for added convenience.

Radiance 2143 Series Video Processor

SD - HD in and out with optional UltraHD output

Elevate your home cinema experience with the Sony projector, featuring cinematic 4K clarity for four times the detail of Full HD. Boasting a long-lasting laser light source, 5000 Lumens brightness, and HDR compatibility, this projector delivers vibrant colors and dynamic contrast. The TRILUMINOS Display widens the color gamut for a cinema-like experience, while Reality Creation technology upscales movies to 4K. With compatibility for ‘Mastered in 4K’ Blu-ray, built-in auto calibration, industry-standard RF 3D, and Picture Position Memory, this projector combines cutting-edge technology and convenience for the ultimate immersive viewing pleasure.

Radiance 21x3

Unleash the Power of Precision Video Processing

  • Output resolution up to 4K60 UltraHD
  • 8 HDMI 1.4 audio/video inputs up to 1080p60
  • Complete processing of 2D or 3D sources
  • Mosquito/Temporal/Block noise reduction
  • DARBEE DVP enhancement technology
  • Per-pixel motion adaptive HD and SD deinterlacing
  • Fully programmable scaling and aspect ratio
  • 4913 point (17x17x17) CMS
  • Onscreen setup and control with included remote
  • RS232 and USB ports for upgrading and control
  • Optional rack ears
  • Compact design: 17″W x 10″D x 2″H (1.75″H without feet)