Highly Commended 2014 CEDIA Awards

Best Home Cinema AUD$75,000-150,000

Designed in a room with a large bay window this cinema had two main problems to navigate, light and sound isolation. Both problems were easily overcome with careful design decisions, including a blackout blind, double glazing and a basic air-lock system. The cinema itself is sophisticated yet simple in design. With neutral tones and lush textiles, this space very easily became an elegant cinema room with a bay window seating area suitable for reading or relaxing.

After visiting our showroom and discussing the cinema in detail, we were engaged to oversee the cinema design and project manage the cinema construction, fit out and final calibration.

The cinema was located in the bedroom wing of the home, so sound isolation was important. The bay window and door were a potential weak point, but not to the bedroom wing. The only areas outside the bay window are the garage and laundry, with the nearest neighbour 100m away. Double-glazing was used, and a drop-down motorised blind has a locking system, which creates a basic air lock. Deep bass will bypass the system, but very little mid-range vocal is audible outside. The cinema was designed with an airlock door design, but the second door was left off for ease of access. There is a second door to the bedroom wing from the cinema, so the air lock effectively becomes the room itself. No audio can be heard in any bedroom when the cinema is at full volume.

This is a true reference system in the sense that every element of the design is well considered and executed. The result was amazing, which has lead to us now doing the rest of the family.