The great thing about home theatre seating options is that there are a range of them in the market, with something to suit every budget and every need.

Creating a home theatre is no simple task. There are so many considerations you need to take into account, to make just the space you are looking for. One of the key factors of a home theatre space is the seating that you will have. What kind of seating do you want?

What kind of home theatre do you wanting to create?

Before you go into the kinds of chairs or seating options you want to include in your home theatre, you first have to decide what kind of a theatre it is going to be.

  • A home theatre space only for two people, where you are sure you will not have others join in.
  • A dedicated home theatre space where you have customised seating included for a large group of people.
  • One where you combine the living room and the theatre space.
  • You may want to consider a bedroom-based home theatre
  • The home theatre could also be part of a room dedicated to mixed media and not exclusively movies.
  • A gaming room that doubles up as a theatre space can also be something to consider.
  • A home theatre room for just one – if you prefer to enjoy your movies in complete seclusion.

These are only some of the options when it comes to the kind of theatre space you want to create in your home. Your choice of seating can vary immensely based on this.

Single seating in a home theatre

Once you have decided on the kind of space, your seating choice then becomes easier to zero in on. There several kinds of seats for individuals that you can consider:

  • The swivel recliner could be one option. This gives a person some flexibility in movement and comfort. Including theatre tables makes it a great option.
  • Lay-Z-Boy style individual recliners are another great option. These give you a feel of plush comfort, allow you to sink in and of course adjust the incline to the exact lumbar support angle you are looking for.
  • Single-seater loungers could also be another choice. These come with elegant curves, comfortable backs and can be enhanced with cup holders and storage space.
  • Single-seaters can also be low profile sofas or loungers that you can make yourself comfortable on. Daybeds are also another great option in this category.

Home theatre seating for multiple people

There are a range of options when you are looking to create multiple seating in your home theatre set-up.

  • Recliners of various kinds, with several options of motorisation can be considered. These are available in configurations ranging from two to six seats based on the size of your room.
  • You may want to get the plush Lay-Z-Boy version which is also available in these configurations.
  • If you are a serious movie lover, then perhaps the real deal – movie theatre seats, may be something to consider. These can come fully equipped with everything from drink holders to in-built massagers.
  • Love seats interspersed with single-seaters are also an option – these can be incorporated into a range of seating options currently available in the market.
  • Sectional sofa seating is another great option to consider. These incorporate both regular seating options of your choice, and have a segment that can open out into an ottoman or a lounge chair etc. You can opt to have this on one side or on both ends of your sofa seating. These are available in a range of configurations as well.
  • Multiple seating options also come in a range of shapes. You can use these to create semi-circular seating, straight seating or a gallery set up.
  • And of course you also have seating options for children where sofas are customised to their size as well as requirements. This ensures comfort while being in a grown-up sort of setting. Beanbags can be a cheap and effective form of seating for groups of kids and teens.

What is important to note with seating is that it is not something that you should only consider at later stages. It has to be carefully thought of right at the beginning, during the planning stage. This will help you make the right choices for sound and screen size, not just what you are sitting on.

Your choice of material is also very important. It depends on the theme that you are trying to implement in your space; the level of maintenance you are willing to take on and of course the budget you have to work with. The good part is that there is something for everyone and every need.

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