If you’ve always wanted a home movie experience but don’t have the room for a separate cinema, there are beautiful elegant crossover seating options. Have the ultimate in style, comfort and technology without sacrificing your living space.

Choose Home Cinema Seating in Your Living Room for the Best of Both Worlds

In the past, the options for a home theatre included overstuffed and unattractive recliners that took up a huge amount of space, or normal lounge seating that wasn’t suited to a Star Wars marathon. Now, there is a range of crossover seating that looks amazing in the living room, are superbly comfortable, and recline for comfort over long hours of binge-watching.

You can have the cinema experience in your home and still have a stylish and functional space. There are a huge range of ways to create the perfect movie-watching space and still have a living room that’s the hub of family life. More people are choosing to incorporate cinema seating as part of their lounge design. You can choose the perfect furniture, customise it to suit your space, and enjoy the results.

Use theatre seating to create the best movie watching experience

One of the newer trends emerging in home décor is the creation of customised seating arrangements for the living room to encompass home theatre arrangements. You can buy chairs and sofas that look like high-end furniture but has all the functionality of theatre seats- reclining, hide-away tray tables and cup holders, and even movable headrests for conversions to movie-night styles. You can have the minimalist look of low-profile seating combined with the comfort and head support of high-backed chairs.

There are sectional sofas which can have their configuration changed to suit the space. You can have L-shaped, U-shaped, or even break away individual seats which form into a classic movie-theatre V. Due to the high-quality construction, amazing designs and ease of customisation, more people understand that these are a great fit for their living rooms.

Try the Jaymar Star sofa is the ultimate choice. It has D-Box, which integrates with the movie to produce motion that matches the action. It has adjustable headrests, extendable leg-rests, and yet looks like a modern sectional sofa. It’s truly the best-in-class cinema theatre seating, with the graciousness and style that’s needed in a living space.

Change your seating configuration

There are also different types of seating that are appropriate for watching movies, yet still stylish and adaptable for day-to-day use.

Think about daybeds and chaise-loungers. Elegant and timeless, superbly comfortable, but also perfect for movie watching. Then there are options of enormous bean bags and giant cushions scattered on the floor for kids. Whether a permanent fixture of your living space or only brought out when you have extra guests, these add movie seating options easily.

Choose and customise the appearance

While red velvet is a traditional theatre seating finish, it might not work unless your living space is also a palace. Luxury theatre seating now comes in leather, suede, canvas or cotton- and even velvet, if you wish. Choose from a huge range of colours, but remember that neutrals work best to maintain colour consistency on screen, and patterns may be reflected in the screen.

A cinema at home

More people are moving away from a separate home theatre space with its movie hall look and feel, and instead wanting to create a space which looks more like a cosy, comfy living room, yet still with the functionality of a theatre.

The Jaymar Bourne is a perfect example of crossover seating that works as well in your home theatre as does the living room. It features an articulating headrest that allows it to transition from home theatre seating to living room couch. Lower the headrest for a more casual and cosy look. It offers the best of both worlds, with the comfort and luxuriousness of a deep chair at the movies, alongside the cosy vibe of a living room armchair.

If you are looking to install home cinema seating in your living room space, contact Wavetrain. With expert knowledge, years of experience, a large range to choose from and samples in their showrooms to try, they have a very particular set of skills; skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a blessing for people wanting the very best cinema seating, at home.