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Shaky Dealings

Shaky DealingsHome Theatre Installation Cinema Overview Shaky Dealings is a testament to pioneering innovation in entertainment. Its commitment to surpassing industry standards is evident in every aspect, from its resilient construction and exceptional audio-visual setup to its cutting-edge HVAC and ventilation systems that ensure a silent and efficient cinematic environment. Project Details Shaky Dealings Cinema revolutionizes movie-watching with cutting-edge technology…

Reberu Cinema

Reberu CinemaHome Theatre Installation Cinema Overview This project stands as an epitome of sophisticated home entertainment. Reberu Cinema isn't just a home theater; it's a visionary fusion of opulence, advanced technology, and architectural finesse, redefining the concept of cinematic indulgence. Project Details Reberu Cinema epitomizes meticulous craftsmanship and visionary design, redefining home entertainment. Inspired by historical elegance, its architectural marvel…

The Cloister Cinema

The Cloister CinemaHome Theatre Installation BEST GLOBAL HOME CINEMA AWARD WINNER The spotlight in 2023, securing top honors: "Best Global Home Cinema," "Best Home Cinema Level III," and "Excellence in Rack Building & Design." A testament to our pioneering vision in home entertainment. Cinema Overview The Cloister Cinema is a blend of modern and traditional design, creating a unique and…


Starlight CinemaHome Theatre Installation Cinema Overview The Starlight Cinema project embarked on a mission to blend high-performance audiovisual technology seamlessly with serene surroundings, ensuring an immersive cinematic experience without disturbing the tranquility of the home. Led by Wavetrain Cinemas, a turnkey cinema company renowned for its expertise, this endeavor exemplified meticulous attention to detail in designing an audiovisual sanctuary that…


Large in length and height, the goal of this design was to appreciate the sheer size of the room, utilising curated lighting and refined materials. The custom lighting installation of RGB lights are sound activated to enhance the cinematic experience. The lights are made of metal and glass, with the metal gradually changing colour and texture as you go farther into the space, assisting in adding another layer of dimension. The soft and lush curtains balance out the use of metal in the space, creating harmony and balance.


This design focuses on the finer details, inspired by the styles of Art Deco and Art Noveau. Bringing in details influenced by ‘Superman Returns’ this cinema displays features of traditional cinema architecture, making a striking addition to the rest of the home. The intricate timber and metal work paired with the luxurious and opulent materials allows this cinema to display themes of Art Deco architecture whilst still making it an inviting and homely space.



Designed to be treated as a main living space this room is the perfect example of how a cinema can be integrated into an already existing space. Acoustic fabric panels cover the walls, allowing the room to have a clean polished look. Ornate lighting fixtures enhances the opulence of the space. With lush textiles and the use of warm timber work elevates the comfort and elegance of this space. Through careful design this space is able to be aesthetically pleasing whilst also operating as a carefully engineered cinema room.



ArcadiaHome Theatre InstallationWinner 2020 Sound + Image Magazine: Cinema Design Gold Award Winner 2019 CEDIA Awards: Best Home Cinema Level III Technology Meets Design Award Home Cinema Room with Separate Bar and Gaming Area Cinema Overview A lush and relaxed design with the perfect cozy atmosphere for a home cinema. The use of floor to ceiling curtains not only adds…

Port Side

PORT SIDE Designed to be a multiuse space this cinema highlights the versatility possible within your own space. Fitted with a bar, billiards table and arcade games, this cinema is the entertainer’s dream. With the use of simple materials and a combination of textures the space is inviting and subtle in its detailing. The bar area features a backlit amber stone with wrought iron finishes creating an elegant yet industrial look.


A perfect addition to any home, this cinema being integrated into a space that has the appearance of a typical living room but is engineered to be a fully functioning cinema/media room. The amazing floor to ceiling and wall to wall screen is breathtaking in size, shown being utilised as an artwork when not being used as a screen. By introducing soft textiles and different textures, this cinema space becomes the pinnacle of comfort.

The Gatsby

THE GATSBY Luxurious and bold, this design is inspired by the film ‘The Great Gatsby’ and influenced by the Art Deco movement. Rich colours and opulent textiles elevate this room and create an unrivalled user experience. To create a truly unique room, custom pieces were designed specifically for this project from the carpet to lighting panels. The custom joinery intended to enhance the aesthetic experience as well as improve functionality in the room, serving not only as a balustrade but as a bench table for the bar at the rear.

Into The Galaxy

With simple materiality and curated lighting this cinema space transports the users into the galaxy much like its name suggests. The custom timber wall design makes a connection to the original house design but also attracts the eye to the length and height of the room, creating an illusion of a longer cinema whilst also drawing the eye toward the screen. The lush curtains behind the timber work creates an interesting texture contrast and is only elevated by the curated LED lighting. The fibre optic star ceiling is the perfect addition to this cinema room focusing on ensuring the best possible user experience.

Beyond Hollywood

Uptown Cinema

A modern and sleek approach to cinema design, the ‘Uptown Cinema’ features lush textiles, timbers and metal detailing. The hardened materials like stone and timber are softened by the soft textiles such as the silk carpet and lush curtains, creating a balanced space. The width of the room is accentuated by the wall-to-wall panels at the rear of the room, with subtle metal detailing in the recessed between panels. The space also includes a small bar with backlit onyx bringing in warmth and colour to the room.

Matrix Cinema

Inspired by various Sci-Fi films this space transports you into a new world. Starting with the bar space, the user is met with a custom wall inspired by the film ‘The Cube’ and a stainless steel bar space. The intricate circuit board design is backed with LED lighting that gradually cycles through colours over time, almost unnoticeably, creating a unique experience for each individual user. The cinema space heavily inspired by the film ‘The Matrix’ features acoustic panels printed with the digital rain seen in the film. Lighting plays a large part in creating this space, and through various techniques makes this cinema a masterpiece.

First Light

As this cinema inhabits such a small space, this design is well curated and utilises every inch of this cinema room to make it the best functioning space possible. With the inclusion of a bench with seating, floor space for beanbags and removable arms on the cinema seats this room that seems to only seat 4, can seat up to 12 people. The use of horizontal lines in the acoustic fabric panels and the lighting assist in elongating the room and guiding the user’s eye to the screen.

Sculptural and intricate this design itself is a work of art, catered to the interests of the owners. The sculptural floor to ceiling wall patterns creates a dimensional and unique experience for the user, elevating the space with the use of LED lighting. The unique wall cut-outs are perfectly complimented by the star ceiling making the cinema a cohesive design.

The Illuminati

Being a dark and moody space, this cinema displays the ideal cinematic ambience. Filled with fine details, the cinema is polished and sophisticated. The use of dark textiles is softened significantly when paired with the natural timbers with elegant detailing. The ceiling lighting panels are an interesting approach to resolving lighting in the cinema space, allowing for an overall glow within the room as opposed to directional light. The antechamber compliments the cinema space flawlessly, connecting the rooms through the same fine detailing within the timber work.

Havana Rock

Winner 2015 CEDIA Awards: Best Home Cinema over $150,000Dedicated Cinema The client thoroughly enjoys movies, but his passion is watching concerts. Classic rock & heavy metal in particular. To meet his particular requirements, the cinema was designed to meet a higher SPL specification of 110dB peak playback. Wavetrain Cinemas was engaged to design the sound isolation, air-conditioning system, room acoustics,…

Crown Jewel

Warm and earthy tones make this space the pinnacle of comfort. Making sure to create a connection between the existing home and the cinema space, materials that were used in the rest of the home were incorporated into this design. Specifically, the rough sawn cedar ceiling was brought in to contrast the timber veneer used on the walls. In doing this, the textural differences create balance, allowing the material palette to become a perfect balance between smooth and rough.

Under The Moonlight

A carefully integrated cinema into an already existing space, this cinema is the perfect example of how through careful design decisions and consideration a dedicated cinema room is possible in any space. Through simple choices like a removable fixed frame screen and considered air ventilation, the cinema room was able to be fully functioning whilst not effecting the integrity of the original space.

Let There Be Light

Designed in a room with a large bay window this cinema had two main problems to navigate, light and sound isolation. Both problems were easily overcome with careful design decisions, including a blackout blind, double glazing and a basic air-lock system. The cinema itself is sophisticated yet simple in design. With neutral tones and lush textiles, this space very easily became an elegant cinema room with a bay window seating area suitable for reading or relaxing.

Bespoke Striped

A simple clean design, utilising different acoustic fabrics to create a sleek and distinct wall pattern. The perfect example of how through simple techniques a beautiful room is created. Not only does the wall design serve an aesthetic purpose, but it also ensures the acoustic experience of the room is unmatched. The use of curtain softens the room and aids in giving the space an inviting and homely feel.

Bohemian Rhapsody

A unique and unforgettable design inspired by Art Noveau architecture. This cinema design is bold and striking in nature filled with strong colours and carefully curated lighting. The use of various soft textiles and colours assists in adding dimension, warmth and softens the overall space. The luxurious sheen of the cinema chairs and moody lighting enhance the cinematic ambience and elevate the space.

The Classic Cinema

A sleek and simple approach to cinema design, this room features custom joinery in both the cinema and entertainment area. The continuation of timber joinery in the entertainment space that flows to into the cinema creating a cohesive space. The warm tones are used to create a homely and inviting space.

The Lord Of The Rings

Inspired by the film ‘The Lord of the Rings’ this room transports the users to an otherworldly place starting with the antechamber. The use of earthy tones and warm lighting helps elevate the comfortability of the space. The starlight ceiling creates the illusion of being under the stars paired with the natural look materials this cinema is the perfect example of how the pairing of the right materials can create an extravagant space.

Midnight In Paris