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D-BOX Motion Seating & Movies

D-BOX is a company which specialises in creating realistic and immersive entertainment. Scripted by motion artists and approved by the movie Director, their products add an extra sensory dimension to movies, video games and virtual reality. D-BOX is the only Hollywood approved motion coding system with a catalogue of over 2,500 films including all your old favourites.

What does DBOX motion seating feel like?

DBOX uses subtle movements and vibrations to enhance the movie experience. The seats vibrate and move in time with explosions, car chases and other kinds of action. These seats are extremely popular with our clients internationally and across Australia with installations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast. See what DBOX is and why Hoyts have equipped their cinema chairs with this technology!

D-BOX - Your Movie In Motion


D-BOX is the pioneer and world leader in non-distracting immersive cinematic motion experience. D-BOX provides home theatre owners with a new and exciting way to experience movies by adding its unique, award-winning motion technology to home theatre seating solutions. Browse our extensive catalogue of D-BOX actuators & accessories, as well as D-BOX compatible seating by Fortress & Jaymar below.


D-BOX is the only motion system approved by Hollywood and is part of the DCI standard for commercial cinemas. The D-BOX motion system is utilized on 660 screens in over 40 countries, providing commercial cinemas with a proven way to build customer loyalty, create more brand awareness, and deliver a recurring stream of revenue that delivers regardless of your theatres configuration.


With over 1,500 movies encoded for home theatre presentation, D-BOX brings new life to your customer’s movie collection and delivers thousands of hours of awesome entertainment by adding its immersive cinematic motion experience. D-BOX breathes new life into movie collections by making home theatre owners experience movies like never before.

Introducing G5 technology

Combined with the HaptiSync Hub

D-BOX redefines entertainment experiences and creates ultra-realistic haptic technology that stimulates the entire body and that brings movies, series, games to life! Their patented technology makes them the world’s top provider of motion cinema seating and through their haptic actuators, they’ve been enhancing the way people experience entertainment for more than 25 years. By using a unique combination of movements, vibrations and textures that are felt throughout the entire body, D-BOX’s technology creates an immersive motion experience that brings all your favourite entertainment to life!

Why Choose D-BOX

With D-BOX haptic technology, you’ll be plunged directly into the heart of your entertainment. The added layer of immersion amplifies your emotions and provides a new way to experience your favorite movies, TV shows, videogames and more. With motion codes hand-crafted by D-BOX’s haptic designers to be perfectly synchronized to the action on screen, you’ll feel every moment like never before! Plus, you can even personalize the experience by controlling the intensity of the motion directly in their HaptiSync app.

Why Choose D-Box
D-Box Magic

How The Magic Happens

D-BOX delivers its revolutionary experience through 1.5” actuators installed and hidden under your home entertainment seat. These actuators wirelessly communicate with the HaptiSync Hub, which automatically detects the content being played thanks to D-BOX’s patented audio recognition technology! The Hub then sends the correct haptic track to the actuators, giving you a seamless motion experience.

New D-BOX Experience

To make the experience as realistic as possible, D-BOX doesn’t rely only on movement, but on vibrations and textures as well! This allows you to feel things such as the rumble of different car engines in a movie and allows you to feel a difference if a character is running on concrete or on sand.

D-Box Experience
D-BOX Compatible Content
D-Box Compatibility


The D-BOX motion system is compatible with all your favorite streaming services, cable TV and PC videogames, and uses more than 65,000 unique haptic effects. Created in collaboration with movie directors & Hollywood studios, these 65,000 effects are intended to make your experience as immersive as possible! All of this (and more!) is at your fingertips thanks to your D-BOX Connect Subscription and D-BOX’s catalogue of more than 2,500 coded titles, which makes it easier than ever to be blown away by your content

How to get D-BOX seats


step: 1

Choose your D-BOX ready seat

Please see our range of Jaymar and Fortress D-BOX ready seating. Custom solutions are available on request.

HaptiSync Hub

Step: 2

Choose your D-BOX actuator set

D-BOX can be purchased for 2 or 3 axis of motion, plus weight. A single HaptiSync Hub motion controller is required.


Step: 3

Talk to our interior designers

Our interior designers will assist you to customise for your décor. Drawings can be provided with clear cabling instructions.

Experience D-BOX

Commercial and Residential Solutions Available


Acurator Chart


Choose between D-BOX’s G3 or G5 technology, whichever is most suitable for your needs

Haptic SystemG1G3G5



I must say that I am extremely happy with the end result of this project, from the initial consultation, to the design, build, installation and calibration, Wavetrain CInemas delivered to my very high standards. The design, audio and visual result is spectacular!

Glen. L

David went out of his way to design a room that looked and performed beyond my expectations while also being affordable. He has great skills and dedication and is passionate about what he does. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others looking for an exceptional experience.


David is probably the no.1 and most respected (and knowledgable) cinema designer in the country. His list of projects is extensive and his knowledge on home cinema design is deep and far reaching.


Wavetrain are a highly professional team, who are passionate, easy to work with and delivered a result that exceeded our expectations. The picture and sound quality is extraordinary. We cannot recommend Wavetrain Cinemas highly enough.

K. Burke

Wavetrain’s fusion of creative design, engineering excellence and client communication is a rarity in an industry full  of complexity, and was in large part responsible for my project winning best cinema at the 2015 Sound & Image awards. And the best part of all: the ‘instant awe’ every time my friends come over for movie night!

Matthew Ruber

Wavetrain waved its magic wand and transformed the worst room in my home to the best. It was a very challenging space and my (high) expectations were far exceeded. I enjoyed working with David and couldn’t be happier with the result.


We utilised the services of Wavetrain to design, engineer, construct and calibrate our home cinema. As avid fans of the cinema experience watching between 2-4 movies each week, we have been thrilled with the result, our guests are constantly amazed at the experience.

B. Kertesz

David, thank you for such an amazing cinema! We are so happy with it. Your professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to perfection have given us a cinema that has well and truly exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

A. Daniel