Winner 2015 CEDIA Awards:

Best Home Cinema Under $150,000

Dedicated Cinema in New Zealand

Wavetrain Cinemas was engaged to design this project without ever meeting the client. On a trip to NZ, we had a great meeting with the architects. We wanted to be sympathetic to the whole house design and so decided to bring materials used on the outside of the home into the cinemas. Rough sawn cedar from the outside is contrasted with veneer to create interesting textural details and a subtle palette that blends perfectly in the rest of the home design.

The cinema has a massive sliding door that opens up half the wall down one side. This created an obvious sound isolation issue, but also meant that there was a large section of the wall which was acoustically untreated in a critical portion of the room. We therefore designed a one-off custom cinema door that is 100mm thick and is mounted on special sliders and dropped into channels in the floor and door frames, with brush seals. The door was so heavy it needed to be lifted in with a crane and took 10 people to move. That weight is almost imperceptible when sliding the door and glides and closes almost silent against the seals.

Most people would think lining a room with timber is bad for acoustics, but we engineered the timber slates to act as a bass absorber and then perforated the timber where we needed more mid-range absorption. The fabric hides all the speakers, diffusers, etc and the curtain has been lined with a special absorber to pick up first reflections.

The front row of the cinema was left free for bean bags, as the cinema was too small to accommodate 2 rows of reclining seats.

We are still yet to meet the clients, but hear they love their award winning cinema.