The Cloister Cinema

Home Theatre Installation


The spotlight in 2023, securing top honors: “Best Global Home Cinema,” “Best Home Cinema Level III,” and “Excellence in Rack Building & Design.” A testament to our pioneering vision in home entertainment.

Cinema Overview

The Cloister Cinema is a blend of modern and traditional design, creating a unique and elegant space. Inspired by gothic architecture and the original home’s design, it features various textures in the metalwork, including a pressed metal ceiling, gold leaf coffers, and aged brass mesh. This contrast in textures, paired with lush and opulent materials, sets a moody ambiance perfect for a cinema room.

Project Details

Through materiality and fine detailing this cinema bridges a gap between modern and traditional design creating a unique and elegant space. The cinema features details reminiscent of gothic architecture which is directly inspired by the original home. By incorporating details from the rest of the home, there is a connection created between the two whilst the cinema remains its own space. The contrast between various textures in the metal work around the room, including the pressed metal ceiling, the gold leaf coffers and the aged brass mesh creates a balance throughout the cinema with relation through materiality despite variations in tone. The metalwork paired with lush and opulent materials creates a moody ambience perfect for a cinema room. The traditional lighting used once again ties back to the original home design. The space is bold and atmospheric, with warm lighting and moody tones the cinematic ambience is elevated and the space is made that much more inviting.

Project Features

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