Christie Projectors

Christie Projectors

Wavetrain Cinemas is the exclusive reseller for the residential home theatre market segment in Australia of the Christie projector models listed below.

Deciding on the best projector means knowing the content you want to show, the environment you need to place it in and understanding the feature benefits to determine the best choice for your application. When it comes to purchasing a projector, there are a wide range of options to consider, from display technology to illumination type as well as performance features.

This projector is the market killer with 97% REC2020, 7000:1 native on/off contrast, 1100:1 ANSI contrast (this is off the charts) & 25,000 brightness!

Christie Projector - Front View

Seeing is believing

The Christie® M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector re-imagines and reinvents the rugged and reliable M Series industry workhorse with innovative, cutting-edge RGB pure laser 3DLP® technology, UHD 4K resolution with our latest TruLife+™ electronics, electronic color convergence (ECC), and an intelligent lens system (ILS1) that’s compatible with our legacy J Series, M Series, and Crimson projector lenses. With 25,000 lumens and weighing in at a technology-leading form factor of 41.7kg (92lbs), the versatile M 4K25 RGB is a new peak of perfection for our 3DLP RGB pure laser projection technology.

Designed for demanding environments

  • 25,000 lumens
  • Small form factor @ 92lbs. (41.7kg)
  • 4K UHD resolution
  • Quiet operation @ 46.5dBA
  • All-in-one TruLife+™ electronics
  • Electronic color convergence (ECC)
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio (On-off) – 7000:1 with optional UHC
  • Christie LiteLOC™ automatically maintains consistent brightness
    and color over time in higher ambient temperatures and more
    humid environments
Christie Projector - Designed for demanding environments

Christie M 4K25 RGB

An icon, re-imagined
Christie M 4K25 RGB

Christie® M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector reimagines and reinvents the rugged and reliable M Series with innovative cutting-edge RGB pure laser technology, UHD 4K resolution with TruLife+™ electronics, electronic color convergence (ECC), and uses our intelligent lens system (ILS). With 25,000 lumens and an incredibly small form factor, the versatile M 4K25 RGB is a new peak of perfection for our 3DLP® RGB pure laser technology.

Griffyn Series

Pure laser. Pure performance. Pure excellence.

A technological marvel combining Christie’s superior electronics, our proprietary RGB pure laser illumination architecture with integrated cooling and a sealed optical path for reliable illumination performance, resulting in capabilities that will impress you. Ready to illuminate any surface with up to 34,000 lumens while operating at less than 46dBA at full brightness, the highly advanced Griffyn™ 4K32-RGB is designed for demanding large venue applications on the ground or ‘in the air’.

DCI Projector

Christie CP4415-RGB

Christie CP4415-RGB

Advanced, yet affordable, DCI-compliant cinema projection featuring Christie Real|Laser™ technology for screens up to 58 feet wide.

The Christie® CP4415-RGB pure laser cinema projector brings a premium movie-going experience to mainstream theatres. Featuring CineLife+ electronics and Real|Laser illumination, this compact, all-in-one DCI-compliant projector excels in image quality and operational lifetime while providing a low cost of ownership.