Bohenian Rhapsody

Home Theatre Installation

WINNER 2011 CEDIA Awards:

Best Home Cinema Over AUD$150,000

Dedicated Cinema with Sitting Room and Grand Staircase

Winner 2013 Sound & Image Magazine:

Best Custom Installation

Dedicated Cinema

Cinema Overview

A unique and unforgettable design inspired by Art Noveau architecture. This cinema design is bold and striking in nature filled with strong colours and carefully curated lighting. The use of various soft textiles and colours assists in adding dimension, warmth and softens the overall space. The luxurious sheen of the cinema chairs and moody lighting enhance the cinematic ambience and elevate the space.

Our goal with any cinema is the same; to engineer the room to meet the client’s desired outcomes, both in acoustic & aesthetic design.

Project Details

In this particular case, we were looking at a room capable of seating 15 people, with the potential for additional loose seating to accommodate up to 20 people. The client wanted the system to meet industry standards, but with the global financial crisis hitting, the room was scaled back to meet a specific budget. The result is a stunning audio/video system that has room to be upgraded over time. The client is a philanthropist and has long used their architectural award-winning home to accommodate charity events and school functions. We were told from the start that the cinema needed to reflect the prestige of the property.

Project Features

  • Art Nouveau-inspired design with bold colors and curated lighting.
  • Luxurious sheen of cinema chairs enhancing the ambiance.
  • Custom-built elements including seating, cushions, and timber profiles
  • Features a stage for musical performances, reflecting the family’s musical background
  • Moody, eclectic atmosphere akin to the Hemisphere Bar in Sydney
  • Entire interior design remained consistent throughout the project
  • Redesigned seating room and staircases with antique furniture
  • A labor of love resulting in a prestigious space proudly displaying awards

Initially we were brought onto the project by the dealer to build a cinema originally designed by a company in America. Everything had been designed, including selection of the Audio/Video equipment, cinema layout and design, but the design had to be quickly abandoned. This turned out to be a huge benefit, as it allowed us to explore the design deeper and provide a result the client had never dreamed possible.

The client’s family all play musical instruments. It was requested that we factor this into the design and create a stage. The design process for this project extended over a year. Once completed, we took on the entire building contract to construct the cinema. Everything on the project was custom designed and built, including all the cinema seating, cushions, timber profiles, etc.

When engaged by the client they were unaware Wavetrain were also experienced interior designers. We proved our capabilities with the client at one of the early design meetings where it was discussed that the clients loved the atmosphere of the Hemisphere Bar in Sydney. We visited the bar one night to experience the space and work out how to apply it to a cinema room. From this the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody Cinema’ was born. Essentially the brief was a dark, moody space with luscious materials, elegance and an eclectic style. The interior design boards we created early on weren’t altered for the entire length of the project.

Wavetrain also took on the redesign of the seating room and two additional staircases. Wavetrain sourced antique furniture and custom-made cushions, chairs, etc to achieve a unique outcome.

A real labour of love and we know the clients proudly display their awards in the cinema.

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