Highly Commended 2014 CEDIA Awards:

Best Home Cinema Over AUD$150,000

The cinema was designed for the director of a custom installation company as a live in display home. Their strength was security & home automation, so we were engaged to ensure the cinema was a true reference system. As a specialist cinema engineering company, we were more than pleased to assist.
The cinema space was already allocated in the home design. Once the sound isolation system was deducted from the inside of the concrete shell, the room proportions delivered a good frequency response. The only initial issue with the room was the lack of ceiling height. The slab above the cinema was not level and provided as little as 25mm above the ceiling, which made mounting lights in critical positions difficult. The goal was a simple design, with function the main priority.

As well as providing a remarkable audio/video system, we also project managed the cinema, joinery and created the interior design concept. The detailed construction drawings provided include sound isolation details, air conditioning design including custom attenuators and plenums built into the structure to reduce rattles, custom bass traps & baffles, ventilated hush box design and sound isolated door design.
There is a biometric thumb print reader to activate a motorised cinema door and magnetic lock and on the inside of the cinema is a button to open the door, with a mechanical override.
Every element of the design is executed perfectly. This is a true reference system in every sense of the word