Home Theatre Installation

Cinema Overview

Large in length and height, the goal of this design was to appreciate the sheer size of the room, utilising curated lighting and refined materials. The custom lighting installation of RGB lights are sound activated to enhance the cinematic experience. The lights are made of metal and glass, with the metal gradually changing colour and texture as you go farther into the space, assisting in adding another layer of dimension. The soft and lush curtains balance out the use of metal in the space, creating harmony and balance

Aurora - Wavetrain

Project Details

The project focuses on celebrating the room’s spaciousness while creating an immersive cinematic experience through curated lighting and materials. A custom installation of sound-activated RGB lights enhances the cinematic ambiance, with metal and glass components transforming in color and texture, adding a dynamic dimension. Soft curtains counterbalance the metal elements, fostering harmony, and the layout guides occupants through a gradual spatial progression, resulting in a captivating journey within the room.

Project Features

  • Spacious Rooms.
  • Immersive Cinematic Ambiance.
  • Sound-Activated RGB Lighting Installation.
  • Transformative Metal and Glass Elements.
  • Dynamic Color and Texture Progression.
  • Soft and Balancing Curtains.
  • Thoughtful Spatial Layout.
  • Captivating Journey Experience.

Project Gallery