Seating can make or mar your movie-watching experience, so it’s important that you customise your home theatre seats wisely. You can choose from custom-designed comfort seats to chairs which make you live the movie.

A home theatre is special. It is a space for everyone to come together, relax and spend some quality time together. Great movies make great memories.

This special part of your house is something that needs to remain in good condition for years to come. It needs to be comfortable and stylish, while also being timeless. One of the most important aspects of a home theatre is the seating. Time spent in this space is meant to induce relaxation and rejuvenation, and seats which are not up to the mark can kill that experience.

Customising your home theatre seating to your style and requirements is extremely important so you can make your space perfect for you and provide the ultimate in viewing pleasure.

Customised comfort

Most standard seats work for a person of average height and build. However, they may not work for a person larger or smaller in frame. If you and your family are uniquely sized, it is definitely a good idea to get seats customised to fit.

Jaymar Furniture offers height adjustable headrests which are great for tall clients. Fortress Seating offers even more customisation and you can choose seat depth, seat height and back height. If you have a style or size in mind or you’d like to get a seat that is custom made for you, we will be able to deliver that for you.

Check out our catalogue options, see which styles you like, and give us a call to discuss what level of seating configuration you’ll need. From individual seats to sofas, all can have some level of customisation to suit your needs.

Pick your style

Your home theatre is a place you’ll love to indulge in. You want it to be a space you can relax in, and look forward to spending time in. If you love old-school velvet seating or want a look that evokes a stylish smoking room from the 1920’s, there are many options. Similarly, there are highly contemporary designs that will suit modern homes.

Both of the leading home theatre seating brands, Jaymar Furniture and Fortress Seating, offer stylish yet functional seating. If you are looking for something that is a timeless classic, you may want to consider the El Dorado. A more modern style could be Bond or Uptown, with simple lines and a style all of their own.

You can choose what you like and what suits your home and family. Even changing the fabric of your seating can change the look, from a luxe nostalgic red velvet through to a modern crisp suede, the choice is yours.

Live the movie

Wouldn’t it be cool to feel the rumble of powerful vehicles while enjoying ‘Fast & Furious’? That is what the D-Box delivers. You don’t just watch and hear the movie, but you actually live it.

D-Box compatible seating coupled with a D Box actuator set and the HEMC motion controller is how the movement is created. It delivers complete immersion into the movie, with every bump, jolt and grind a realistic motion that deepens the experience. The level of movement can be personalised, so if someone finds it distracting, they can minimise or turn it off.


If you thought a plush seat with a D Box system was all there was to home theatre seating, think again. Your home theatre seating can be taken to a whole new level with accessories that make your seating look and feel more elegant but also deliver functionality that will make you want to watch every TV show in your home theatre.

From cup holders that light up to reading lights; from chair controls to trays that make space for snacks or your things, we can get you all the seat accessories that you can imagine.

If you’d like to have your snacks right in front of you while watching your favourite movie, most seats can be customised to accommodate this. Add tray tables that retract and hide away in the arm so you can eat your popcorn in comfort, but not clutter the space with tables or trays.

Building or customising your home theatre needs time and effort. Our experienced experts are just a phone call away, so make an appointment with us to talk about how we can help you choose the perfect home theatre seating today.