Sound Isolation


For over 50 years, Kinetics has been the world leader in manufacturing sound isolation products that control unwanted noise in residential, manufacturing and commercial environments. In the world of home theatre, acoustical privacy in your living areas is possible with sound isolation technologies.

Kinetics full line of wall, ceiling and floor isolation products control unwanted sound between your home theatre and the rest of your home.

isomax resilient mount sound isolation
Isomax Resilient Clips
Price: $12.99 + Freight
rim floating floor sound isolation
RIM Floating Floor System 
wood frame sound isolation hangers
ICW Wood Frame Ceiling Hanger
Price: $95 + Freight


fibreglass hanger sound isolation
AF Fibreglass Pad Hanger
Price: $28 + Freight
Concrete sound isolation hanger rondo
ICC Desk Suspended Ceiling Hanger
Price: $95 + Freight
Rondo sound isolation hanger
KSCH Super Compact Ceiling Hanger
Price: $77 + Freight


QuietRock has assembled a line of products which work in concert with each other to give you an unparalleled home theatre experience, while preserving the level of quiet spaces adjacent to the home theatre.

The products in the Home Theatre System are designed to perform better than traditional approaches, while remaining low cost, low weight, low bulk and easy to install

quiteglue green glue greenglue sound isolation
Quietglue Pro
Price: $279 per box + Freight
Quietseal Pro Acoustic Sealant
Price: $23.99 per tube + Freight
Quietcoat 118
Price: POA
Quietputty Acoustic Putty
Price: $89 per box + Freight