‘Bohemian Rhapsody’   Case Study

Bohemian Rhapsody Cinema: This case study documents the engineering of a Wavetrain cinema. Elements covered include pre-construction, air-conditioning, acoustics and interior design.

‘Smart Homes’   Sound & Image Magazine (June 2018)

First Light Cinema: “It’s a small cinema in all respects, including a very low ceiling height. Then take in the fact that we had a ducted A/C system and that there are bedrooms directly above the cinema, this suddenly became one of the hardest cinemas we have had to design.”

Shaken’ and Stirred by D-Box   Prestige Magazine (January 2018)

D-Box Motion Chairs: Forget amusement park rides, where the seats throw you around like a mechanical bull. They are nothing like the incredible, immersive D-Box motion chairs you can have installed in your home cinema.

‘From This… to This’   Sound & Image Magazine (May, 2016)

The Illuminati Cinema: See how  design house and cinema company Wavetrain Cinemas transformed this humble basement into a state-of-the-art cinema.

‘CEDIA Awards 2015’   Sound & Image Magazine (October, 2015)

Crown Jewel, Under the Moonlight, Havana Rock & Matrix Cinemas: The CEDIA Awards recognise the finest custom installation work delivered each year by members of CEDIA – the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

‘Enter the Matrix’   Home Cinema & Hi-Fi Living Magazine (February, 2015)

Matrix Cinema: The owners of this home cinema are big sci-fi fans, and chose to reference The Matrix and Cube in this impressive eight-seater Wavetrain design.

‘Take Your Seats’   Sound & Image Magazine (October, 2014)

Havana Rock Cinema: Top Quality equipment and the highest standards of Australian home cinema design deliver this stunning seven-seater theatre with an emphasis on music.

‘The Home That Became a Recording Studio’   Sound & Image Magazine (February, 2014)

Wavetrain Studios: Wavetrain Cinemas has begun a second life as Wavetrain Studios, with the recording of Mark Wilkinson’s Let The River Run.                                                      

‘Shakin’ All Over’   Stunning Smart Homes Magazine (May, 2011)

D-Box Motion Chairs: Motion simulation actuators help you ride every bump and feel every explosion in your favourite films and games.