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Wavetrain Cinemas is a design firm specialising in the acoustic & aesthetic design of Home Cinemas. David Moseley and his award winning home cinema design team have created cinemas across Australia for 10 years+ and in the process developed a reputation as Australia’s preeminent cinema designers.  From pre-engineered rooms, to cinemas reminiscent of the great movie houses of the 20th Century, we only work with Australia’s top custom companies.

Wavetrain Cinemas is unique – a specialist engineering company working to deliver industry reference cinema projects. We capture the cinema experience, blending state-of-the-art technology with inspired design, to create a seamless movie experience. From design concepts to material selections, AV equipment specification to lighting design, custom themes to calibration, working to create the very best home cinema your budget can buy.

All rooms distort the original sound recording. By custom engineering your space, we have the ability to transform a loud & shouty room into a Hollywood producers screening room. As a design company we pride ourselves on custom designing projects to ensure that acoustic treatments are heard, but never seen. Wavetrain Cinemas also manufacture and import specialist products not available elsewhere and provides all the architectural details for your architect or builder. We then work with the onsite contractors to ensure correct implementation.

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