About Us

Wavetrain Cinemas is Australia & New Zealand’s leading home cinema design company. Before investing in a high end cinema, take the time to find out what makes us the most awarded in the industry.

Wavetrain provide a complete cinema engineering experience, with turn-key solutions built to industry reference standards. We drive the cinema creative to deliver interior design outcomes that enhance the cinema experience. While most good A/V integrators have a general knowledge of acoustics and the components that make up a system, they are not trained acoustic engineers, video calibrators, architects, interior designers, mechanical engineers or builders. Wavetrain Cinemas is a specialist home cinema engineering company and are qualified to deliver the customer a complete engineered solution. All cinemas are fully designed in-house with our highly qualified design staff. We have a unique and comprehensive portfolio of specialised products to complement our services, such as D-box motion simulation, Jaymar & Fortress seating, Kinetics Noise Isolation products, etc. Our experience has shown that once a client is aware of what Wavetrain Cinemas offers, around 90% of customers choose to engage our services and expand the scope of the project to become a reference cinema. In essence, once a client is aware of what is possible, they rarely look back.

David Moseley (Director) has over 7 year’s experience in Residential Architecture having completed 2 years of his ‘Bachelor of Architecture’ and an ‘Associate Diploma of Building’ and has over 20 years experience as a custom A/V designer. David has lectured in acoustics for the last 15 years, offering courses in cinema acoustics, sound isolation and video design. He is known for his dedication to excellence and creative vision. David is a high level video calibrator and personally calibrates every Wavetrain Cinema.